Grimm's Battlefield

Fight the enchanted monsters and save your village!

Fight through wave after wave of enchanted monsters out to destroy your village. Place your village champions and destroy the threat. Can you survive to the end?

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New Enchanted Monster Added!

5 types of Enchanted Monsters

Spiders, Skeletons, Beetles, Wolves and Bats bent on destroying your village come in waves. Use your village champions to prevent them from getting to your village. While most the enchated monsters walk to your village the bats fly above the battlefield unhindered.

Skeletons have been added as an all new creep and have the special ability of being immune to slow. No matter how hard the Ice Mages may try, they cannot be slowed.

5 classes of Village Champions

The village has 5 classes of Champions. The Footman a basic soldier with a dagger, the Archer a brave lady with a bow and arrows, the Spearsmen a heavy soldier with advanced training, the Ice Mage with magical ability to slow monsters and the Longbowmen a skilled elf with a long bow.

New Level Added!

5 different Levels

Play on each of the five different Levels; Arena, River, Mountain, Forest and Village. Each level presents a different challenge.

The Arena is an open field allowing you to create any maze you want.

The River has river dividing the map vertically with a bridge in the middle. This restricts the maze you can create for an additional challenge.

The Mountain map is set in a narrow page in the mountains with many rocks and outcroppings to overcome.

The Forest has many trees and a large old tree in the middle. Design carefully to get the most out of this level.

The village is your home, guard it carefully to protect all you hold dear!